Like many artists, I keep the plans of original creations; for some reason, those designs reappear over the years; that is the case with the “Key West Bench.”

I took it out of the drawer after I used its leg to support surfboard shapes for the Venice Art Center as a memorial bench, and from many designs, I found this one to be my favorite, so I decided to create it and present it to you.

It is named “The Key West Bench” to honor that historic paradise and its connotation of rest and relaxation.

The prototype is made of wood and is located at my studio, where you can stop by anytime and sit down on it and enjoy a coffee with me. Send me an email with your opinion, or if you want one for your backyard, front yard, porch, or your pool area. It can also serve as a memorial bench or to celebrate a special occasion in your family or community. Additionally, the bench can be installed in parks, commercial properties, residential properties, and public art installations.