Media: Aluminum

Location: 321 Nokomis Ave S, Venice, FL 34285

Size: (H) 5FT x (W) 5 FT x (D) 2 FT

Fabrication Year: 2018

When I was in my twenties, I went on a trip with some friends to “La Gran Sabana, Venezuela.” (Amazonian Forest) While walking through that vast vegetation, somebody accidentally stepped on a beautiful wildflower and broke it. I saw a beauty in that broken flower like never before and realized that nature could bring us the most amazing scenarios even if we tried to destroy it; it stayed in my mind for many years. I have to say that this was a magical trip and a place to visit, where you will find all the stars and different kinds of plants and trees, flowers, birds, and of course, dangerous wildlife. So this is how Petals came to life in my abstract world; in this case, “Red petals” symbolize the language of happiness, love, and the many different sides of a woman.

Flowers represent a way to communicate feelings and human emotions, whether it would be to express your undying love or gratitude for a friend.