Abstract Anthropomorphic” is an art exhibition held at Curator’s Voice Art Projects in Wynwood, Miami, from May 24 to June 21, 2014. Here are some key points about the exhibition:

  • Curator: The exhibition was curated by Dr. Milagros Bello, a renowned art curator, professor, and art critic.
  • Location: Curator’s Voice Art Projects, located in the Wynwood Art District, Miami, Florida.
  • Artworks: The exhibition featured abstract anthropomorphic artworks, which combine abstract forms with human-like characteristics ³.
  • Artists: The exhibition showcased works by various artists, although the specific artists featured are not specified ¹.
  • Curatorial approach: Dr. Milagros Bello’s curatorial approach focuses on conceptual and theoretical projects, aiming to promote local artists and create a contemporary art profile of Miami.