Written by Bob Mudge, Senior Writer at Venice Gondolier

Venice, FL – A new chapter unfolds in the placement of a butterfly statue within the Monty Andrews Arboretum at West Blalock Park. Originally proposed near the playground, the Venice City Council is now evaluating a more secluded spot north of the gazebo. The statue, a creation by renowned artist Lugufelo, is a focal point of ongoing community engagement.

The decision to explore alternative locations stemmed from safety concerns raised by local residents about the initial placement near the butterfly garden. The concerns highlighted potential climbing hazards, despite measures planned to discourage such behavior, including Florida-Friendly landscaping and informative signage.

The revised proposal positions the statue away from the park’s more active areas and avoids interference from the sprinkler system, prioritizing the artwork’s preservation. This location has garnered support from artist Lugufelo, community members, and Arboretum patron Monty Andrews, illustrating a collective commitment to enhancing Venice’s public spaces while respecting public input.