Media: Aluminum Wet Paint

Location: Sabal Pines Park, Public art – 5005 NW 39th Ave, Coconut Creek, FL 33073

The cocoon is a powerful symbol that speaks to many different layers. The cocoon is about wanting to feel supported and safe…it’s about withdrawing from harshness, putting up walls around your tender heart, hoping it will keep you safe. The cocoon goes in conjunction with the Patchwork Butterfly sculpture; the cocoon represents the birth of the butterfly and that special moment when it takes off to the best of her life. It’s also about transformation – the caterpillar, when it weaves those silken threads around itself, literally breaks apart, becoming a pulpy, mushy soup. And slowly, a beautiful butterfly emerges from that soup that was once a caterpillar. This piece has two colors, yellow on one side to represent the sunrise and orange on the other to denote the sunset.