Media: Aluminum
Location: Private Collector in Cozumel, Mexico

Fabrication Year: 2015
Height: 3FT Tall
The elephant breaks the horizon with its shape, representing the wild but social and imposing but graceful elements that exist in every person’s conscience. The massive proportions of the piece rest on delicate legs and highlight the precision and complexity of the angles created by the sculpture’s three-piece construction.
The forever-gentle and wise Spirit animal exemplifies focused Power and strength. Elephant challenges you to protect the young and weak of your tribe while recognizing the fantastic extended family unit and how Powerful love and loyalty become when shared. Elephant’s mantra could well be “family first.”
Symbol of royalty, divinity, vitality, and auspicious agrarian symbol for rainfall and the difference between good and evil, wisdom, nobility, and fertility.
Purple Elephant is part of a private collection in Mexico, but other pieces are available from this limited edition series.